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Yes, it's true, coupons are not just for newspapers anymore. Not to be a downer, but I personally hate the things. I can't imagine ever voluntarily wasting a perfectly good Sunday morning, getting paper cuts from cutting out the darn things: but to each their own. My opinion aside, there is no question that coupons and rebates are an effective sales technique. Printable coupons can be added right onto your website and cash rebates can be offered on your products (EVERYONE loves getting cash back.) The process of putting the little guys on your site is very simple and will definitely help boost your sales.

The shopping system I use,, has a coupon module that generates coupons and discount links. This module automatically deducts discounts when someone purchases a product through those links. E-coupons are a great way to make your customer feel like they "one upped" everyone else who paid full price. Coupons and rebates are excellent tools to get yourself noticed because there are not too many sites that really use them. This sales tactic is sure to get you noticed and appreciated. A customer that saves money with you, is one who will shop with you again, if you ask me.

Tom Antion provides entertaining speeches and educational seminars. He is the ultimate entrepreneur, having owned many businesses BEFORE graduating college. Tom is the author of the best selling presentation skills book "Wake 'em Up Business Presentations" and "Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing." It is important to Tom that his knowledge be not only absorbed, but enjoyed. This is why he delivers his speeches laced with great humor and hysterical jokes. Tom has addressed more than 87 different industries and is thoroughly committed to his client's needs.

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