My #1 Google ranking advice. You have to see this...

What I'm about to share with you is my #1 secret weapon to getting top Google rankings faster than nearly anyone else, so pay very close attention. Hardly anyone knows about this and I sort of accidentally bumped into it. How, you might ask? Well... Have you ever done competitive research online and kept finding whatever website you were analyzing kept pointing back to the same person in some way or another? That's exactly what happened to me. And I set out on a mission to find this woman that kept popping up in all of my research. I had heard of her before, but you know, you hear about a lot of people. It was only when I found she was responsible for a ton of my competitors rankings that I thought to myself, "Self, I need to be stealth here, do myself a favor and WIN her over to MY side!" When I made contact, she said, and I quote, "Dang how did you find me? I must be getting sloppy!" And I thought, yeah, sloppy enough to be getting THOSE type of rankings?? I would like to be that sloppy! ;-) I used my best charm (hehehe) and finally, finally got her to work on my new site for me. She explained what she was doing and put together a very cool "7-Step Seo Power Guide" PDF report plus "Process Map" and said I could pass it along if I found value in it, and believe me, it's some awesome stuff. => Read EVERY WORD of that report because it's that good. Talk soon, Brad Callen Bryxen Software, Inc. P.S. You will find things in this free downloadable PDF "7-Step SEO Power-Guide" that you haven't heard anywhere else, I promise! => Bryxen Software, Inc. 2159 Glebe Street, Suite 270, Carmel, IN 46032

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