The Check is in the E-mail

Have you ever had someone who owed your business money say, "the check is in the mail." Well now there is an answer to that old tired way of brushing you off and not seeing that check come in the mail week after week after week. has an awesome service that can cut waiting weeks to get paid via check to only minutes. I have used this service many times and I don't know what I would do without it. Many of my clients would rather pay me by check and are use to just letting the old post office take their time in delivering it. will cut that time to almost nothing.

After a few short minutes of setup and downloading of the printing software, I was printing a company check I had received via email from my client who used to mail the check via snail mail. Now all I have to do is email them an invoice that is provided electronically by and all they have to do is fill in the blanks and click on some links to send me a check. I then print it out on my deskjet printer and then take it to the bank and deposit it into my business account.

I have a client that lives in Winder, GA witch is about 70 miles outside of Atlanta. They don't like using credit cards so they usually send me a check in the mail and it sometimes takes days on end to receive it. Because all my work is done from my home office and I don't have to go to a client's site to complete the work let alone pick up a check. It would be very difficult to keep this client if I am delayed in getting paid for my work.

The solutions to the problem was I sent my client an email that had a link to an invoice with all the line items of my services. Once they clicked on the invoice they were directed to the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connected website where a picture of a check was waiting for them to fill out with all their information regarding this transaction ready to go.

After checking all the information out to make sure it was correct they clicked another button to send the check to me. I then got an email notification that I had received a check and it was waiting to be printed. I then logged in using my username and password to the site and viewed and then proceeded to print my check using either regular paper or VersaCheck blank business checks which you can purchase at any office max or office depot. I suggest that you print a test copy first because you want to make sure you have enough ink and that the paper lines up correctly.

Please use this option first because If you don't you only get one chance to print a live printout. If you don't print it out right you then have to request another check from your client asking permission to print it again. This feature protects the sender from multiple printouts of checks. After successfully printing the check your next step is easy, go to your bank and deposit it. If you would like to see a demo of in action please go to

Never again will you have to wait for the payment of your product or service via check.

Jeffrey Alexander Brathwaite, aka "JB" is a Internet Technology Coach, Speaker and Trainer. JB prides himself on helping small to medium size businesses who are frustrated with dealing with the Internet. If you are having problems trying to deal with Email marketing, Search Engine marketing or just getting your own website off the ground. Please go to our website

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