Accepting Credit Card Payments Online 

Being able to accept credit cards and other online payments is crucial to the success of your business and profits. Your customers are more likely to buy from you if you offer them a secure and convenient way to order goods and services online at your site.

This is more preferable than relying solely on printing out an order form and sending you a check in the mail. This takes time and will put off those customers who are in a hurry and want to finalize their order right away. 

Particularly if you are selling digital products and services which are normally available for immediate download after payment. Would you want to wait a week or more for the post to arrive, pay the check into your bank account and then the time delay for the check to clear and finally credited before sending out each order?

I didn't think so

The nature of the internet puts the idea into people's minds that they can get hold of their goods, quickly and easily. The majority of buyers are eager to pay right away in order to get their goods fast.

Any hint of foreseeable problems can turn off customers so you want to present your online business as a professional organization. Not a small time one man operation. You need to reassure your potential customers by providing them with a sense of trust, efficiency and quality whilst at your site.

Unlike high street retail stores an Internet based web site can be managed by one person with relative ease with the help of software to automate the bulk of daily routine tasks!

From the time your visitors enter your site, read your sales letter and proceed to the order page, you want to keep them excited about your product so that they will buy from you and not your competitor.

Automating your online payments guarantees that these shoppers who want to buy without delay, the fastest and most convenient method for them to pay for goods.

This includes shipped (tangible) goods. Once the order process has been completed your customer will receive a digital receipt or invoice for their purchase.

Imagine how long it would take to process 10,000 orders manually with no automated online order system?

Plus no fully integrated shopping cart and mailing system to send receipts and invoices instantly after each and every order. This is something you cannot afford to compromise on if you want to benefit from receiving hundreds or thousand of orders effortlessly through automated payment systems.

The difference between manual processing of orders and automation of orders is phenomenal. Get your fully automated credit card processing order system complete with the following dynamic features:

  • Secure order forms
  • Quick and convenient way for customers to pay for goods and services
  • Professional looking templates that can be customized to match your site
  • Good quality 24/7 customer services
  • Ability to manage unlimited order
  • No charges for low sales volumes at any time
  • Provide a flexible range of payment choices

    Dispelling Old Myths

    I cannot get a 3rd party merchant account because I do not have the following credentials:

  • 2 year or more business history 
  • Established business
  • I am a home-based individual with little or no business experience
  • They will not accept my application because of my country of residence
  • It will be difficult to create an online storefront....

    The truth is you are pre-qualified to get approved for your own third party merchant account. There are some companies who welcome applications worldwide. Third party processors will provide online tutorials for setting up the necessary "cut" and "paste" HTML to fully integrate your shopping cart and payment buttons into your web pages. Plus some third party processors will provide you with step-by-step forms to set up an online storefront that even a beginner can easily follow. 

    Customer Services

    Customer services can make or break a business. If customers feel they have not been looked after throughout any enquiries they WILL become agitated and may not buy from you again. They certainly will not be recommending your business to their friends and family! 

    With all third party companies they provide high levels of customer care you would hope and expect from an established company dealing with sensitive personal data and payment information. Remember to ensure that your customers have some way of contacting you direct. Provide a dedicated email so that you can send follow-up thank you messages and help to reassure your customers that you will assist them if required.


    The advantages of having a modern credit card processing system with integrated secure order form, shopping cart and a robust fraud prevention service.

    You should be making your application for your very own third party merchant account to take online payments quickly and conveniently. You will be able to free your time and get on with other tasks and take care of business.

    Nancy P Redford shows you how to Take Online Payments for any web site without a costly merchant account. Stay safe on the Internet by getting wise to Online Scams and Shams. Plus get some of the best business tools and resources for your home-based business here at:

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