ECommerce Scenario in Pakistan

Pakistan with highest growth rates in 1960s and bad politics in 1980s and 90s but, the stage is totally changed in 2000s as the economy is managed by those who once run the most successful Global Financial Houses. Today Pakistan has achieved 8.3% growth rates with highest percentage earning share zone in the whole world. Welcome to Pakistan 2005

Pakistan has all what required for a economy to grow and boom. With 160 million population, high grade Human Workforce and favourable policy enable global investors and buyers to get in contact with this growing economy.

In the arena of E-Commerce, Pakistan has technology, policies and framework for businesses to setup and grow with trust in E-Commerce trade and commerce. Recently a Industrial Trade Network was launch to establish a soft network within the industry and outside. Infuture this ITN will be connected through the broadband network to communicate, colloborate and make transaction within. Major cities in Pakistan already have WAN / MAN network and further many ISPs are setting up their fibre optics to connect cities directly to provide most economical telephone and data services

Any one from abroad can now buy beautiful handicraft or a full container load of goods through online purchase and each and every transaction will be back by World largest bank, Local Trade body and Federal Exports Promotion Authority.

So give it a try and you will find that you have landed to a right place to trade with.

Amin Lalani is the CEO of The Cyber Bridge a Business IT Consultant firm based in Pakistan and have provided several BIT related solutions.

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