E-commerce Software That Will Safeguard Your Business against Fraud

Fraud is a huge issue when it comes to the Internet, and if you operate an e-commerce website then it should be one of your main concerns. Your potential customers will not want to buy from you unless they feel 100% certain that their information is encrypted and secure and that their credit card numbers will not be stolen in the order process. There are several things you can do to protect your website against fraud.

Tip #1 Fraud Detection Service

This type of service will help ensure the person entering the credit card information is indeed the owner of the credit card, although this service does not completely eliminate risk altogether. For instance, fraud detection service will ask for an address verification to compare the address on file with the credit card company. A match will let you continue, and if there is not a match it will not. However, addresses of individuals can be found online as well, so a determined thief can get past this mechanism. Although, it is still worthwhile to have in place because it will reduce fraud.

Tip #2 Credit Card Verification Codes

These are the three numbers on the back of your card or the four numbers on front of your American Express card. When a website asks for these numbers you will have to look at the card to enter the information. So, for someone to engage in fraud they will not only have to have your credit card numbers but also your credit card. This cuts down on fraud because most of the time credit card numbers are stolen online and not the actual card. So, when this information is asked for generally only an individual with the credit card can enter it. While someone can still steal your credit card and shop online, this is less likely to happen because you will recognize the card as missing and cancel it. On the other hand, if your credit card number is stolen you will not necessarily know that until you receive a statement.

Tip #3 Website Design

In general, fraud protection services are important to have, but these should be paired with a website design that also resists fraud and fraudulent activities. Companies will have to spend extra money to ensure fraud is not taking place, but in the long run it will save them money and protect their customers, which is what is most important. Websites should be designed with the latest technology to resist hackers and protect the integrity of the website. Great care should be taken to avoid problems at all costs.

The most important thing you can do is to learn about Internet fraud and ways to protect yourself, your website, and your customers, before you ever go online. That way, you will be better prepared to fight fraud online.

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