Something new in e-commerce: the Echo System Build

How four partners build and manage an exclusive art posters web site by emulating the way the echo works. Imagine a top-notch photographer, some demanding visitors and an e-commerce site that wants to make money. But not at any price and in any conditions, within a policy of exclusivity and selectivity. You have got three quarters of our "Echosystem Build":

1° The top-notch photographer submits an outstanding photo to the web site whose committee of selection decides to select or not select ? ring a bell ? ? it.

2° The selected photo is voted or not voted by the demanding visitors.

3° The elected photo is put into a catalog that is strictly limited to 64 items.

To cap that, the number of photographic digital enlargements is strictly limited following the estimated World Population, which gives us the forth quarter of our "Echosystem Build".

Such an e-commerce does exist, it is called Each and every photo is edited once and never again and delivered with a numbered authentication certificate. The catalog applies the well known "one-new-goes-in-one-old-goes-out" rule.

Only one person per million ? sometimes even one person per ten millions ? can buy and possess a poster that exist nowhere else for the price of non exclusive and non limited quality editions.

As for the photograph and the publisher "success rules".

A policy of quality, exclusivity and selectivity in the photo posters market with a golden rule of strictly limited number of subjects submitted by top-notch photographers, voted by demanding visitors and edited in strictly limited number following the World Population plus a royalties system to pay the main performers are the guide lines for this new web site called for "One Person Per Million".

Daniel Borel is a marketing and communication man. He has been studying these fields since 1964 as manager of Atelier Synergétique SA, a Swiss Proficiencies Network which is oriented toward industry, high-tech and B2B services on export markets. That makes him acutely aware of a hard to manage happening: simply tell a Canadian and a Polynesian the word "tree", compare what they visualize and you understand what marketing communication implies. Married, father of three and for the time being! grandfather of one, a fan of the Palo Alto Mental Research Institute his profession is his vocation, his hobby, well? even his obsession according to his wife. Let us be objective, he regularly strolls. Thus helping him to cogitate more clearly some complex marketing communication point.

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