Is Your Business Afraid of the Internet?

My Business is Afraid of the Internet

Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, once said that there would soon be two types of businesses, those online, and those out of business. Those words still ring true today, and many small businesses are missing a huge boat by not getting online.

A good portion of small businesses have been around for a while, long before banner ads and even email became so wildly popular. These owners built their business from the ground-up, working hard and long to develop their products and services. These owners see great value in hard work, and for that they should be applauded.

As technology increases, hard work changes forms. Today, every business, from a babysitter to a widget manufacturer should have a website. An estimated 60% of homes in the US now have broadband, and nearly 90% have at least one computer. These numbers cannot be ignored by business owners and marketing teams. People are flocking to the Internet to find phone numbers, local merchants, and new friends.

No longer can businesses dismiss the Internet as a fad. The amount of online sales in 2003 surpassed $6 Billion.

Even if a business has no physical merchandise to sell, there are still plenty of reasons to have their information online. Contact numbers, addresses, and maps can save receptionists time on the phone. Forms that need to be submitted can be printed and filled out before customers come in. Newsletters can help promote any business and upcoming sales.

Websites can be very cost-effective to build. For just a small investment you could be online in a matter of days.

No business should be afraid of the Internet. If your business is, or you are, you?d better get hold of someone that can help you, and fast!

by William Hanke

About the Author
Will Hanke is a self-proclaimed geek who owns and operates Lighthouse Technologies (, a web development and hosting company based in Arnold, Missouri. For questions or comments, email him at And buy yourself a good virus program so he doesn?t have to fight your emails with anti-virus spray.

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