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What is web advertising?

Internet Advertising is popularly known as web advertising. Internet webadvertising giving Opportunity to the advertiser to target geographic country wise, subject wise, targeted Customers only from more than 200 countries worldwide. Online Advertisers having a full control on Advertising budget in web advertising. as per performance results, advertisers can increase or decrease budget of webadvertising.

For getting started Internet online web advertising, you or your company must have online Products/services catalogues website. This website will be your online sales channels, your Online office or your online shopping store/shop. Your prospective buyers will come through Internet search engines or many other following online places we are discussing here. You must have a good web traffic analysis tool to know about performance of your online e-marketing efforts. This online visitor's traffic analysis tool must provide keywords details which is your prospective buyers typing in search engines and business to business trade directories, this tool also must provide geographic details of prospective customers visitors of your website.

Why web advertising?

Internet becoming a biggest marketplace and growing rapidly day by day. Online emarketing can bring buyers traffic through using web advertising.

Types of web advertising emarketing places:

1. Keyword Marketing: keyword selection and optimization, submissions can help you to bring prospective buyers traffic on your website through keyword marketing you can fetch huge traffic on your website, coming by typing your products/services keywords in many leading search engines.

2. Backlinks creation: Text link Advertising - Many text link providers offering text links backlinks on high page rank (high pr) WebPages. These high pr Backlinks can be helpful to increase pagerank of your web pages on your website. your website can grab more and more traffic through search engines if your websites more and more webpages gets high pr and increase link popularity.

3. Pay per click (PPC): Many leading search engines and business to business (b2b) trade Exchange directories offering PPC links web advertising promotions campaigns in economical Packages. This innovative result oriented web advertising pay per click campaigns can increase customers traffic on your website for your products and services.

4. Banners advertising: Since last many years banners are very popular in web advertising. Banners are very useful to increase your online brand value. Nowadays Pay per Click banners can bring buyers on your website as well as PPC banners can help you to build online brand building on Internet.

5. Search Engines Submissions: Search engines are marketing places where your prospective Customers are coming to find your products and services so that your web site must be Indexed in various search engines and also must be listed in all business to business trade Exchange directories. Your mantra is submissions in search engines every day, every hour, every moment to increase buyers traffic on your online store 24x7x365.

6. RSS and Blogs: Rich site summary (RSS) is latest XML technology which can help your Website to increase pagerank and online customer's traffic on your website.

7. Forums: Bulletin boards, egroups are online communities where you can discuss your Products/services information. You can also start your forums on your website. forums are very usefull to know about your buyers feedback. Forums are very much search engines Friendly.

8. Online Shopping Stores: Many leading portals helping companies to create online shopping Stores and increase buyers traffic on your website.

Yogesh Ahire is e-Marketing Consultant in Mumbai/India and Author of ebook "e-Marketing Whitebook"


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