Projecting Your Image

Whether you sell a product or merely sell time to your employer in your labor, your main product is you. You sell yourself with every move you make, every word you speak or write, every attitude you display. How far you go up the ladder depends largely on the image you project to others.

If you are sincere, dependable, knowledgeable, and confident, you will be accepted. You will not be trusted if you seem unsure of yourself. If you appear overconfident, you will be thought of as phoney.

Before you can sell a product, you have to sell yourself. Before you sell yourself, you must be sold on yourself. You must get your doubts and failures out of your mind and replace them with memories of your successes. You have to psych yourself up. I remember a pitcher who would turn his back on the batter and work himself into a frenzy. He would then blow the ball past the hitter.

Hang around with upbeat successful people. Avoid being around those who are always feeling sorry for themselves and giving excuses for failing. Sales organizations keep their employees psyched up. Build up yourself and others with positive material. You will develop a habit of feeling great about yourself. That will come across to your customers and they will buy.

You have to come across to others as a winner. No one wants to buy from a loser. I know a salesman that was driving a car that was old and beat up and his prospect told him he would not buy from him because he was obviously not successful. You must have the appearance of success and act like a winner.

Your chief competitor is you. You won't succeed until you learn to play up to your potential. Many are not defeated by their opponent but beat themselves. Winners don't shoot themselves in the foot with silly mistakes. Be aware of what's going on and take advantage of your opportunities. The difference between wining and losing is in the execution. When you make the right moves, you will be successful.

Decide what image you want to portray. Everyone is unique. It should display your personality, values and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Decide what is important and have a plan to put it across to others. You must do what you have a passion for. If you are excited about what you are doing it will be evident to your customer.

When you sell in person, your prospect goes a lot by body language, tone and voice inflections. This is lost when you sell with the written word. You have to find ways to make up for it with your copy. Write so that he feels the emphases that your body and voice give. Show him that you can fulfill his need. He doesn't care what you want. Tell him what's in it for him.

You are thinking that you want him to buy now. He is thinking something entirely different. He is asking himself why he should buy now, from you, and not someone else. He is wondering if it will really do what you say it will. Learn to think like he does so that you can speak his language. You have to be on the same page with him to sell him. Anticipate his objections and give him answers before he reflects on them. Make him think that he is not being sold, but he is choosing the best. Give him something extra for buying now. A how to article for his field would show him you have his best interest at heart.


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