Business Online ? Blind Hunt

Do you sell something online? Do you have a business in the Internet? Have you read the "How to generate more traffic and convert it to sales" articles? Have you played the "Be #1 in SEO" game?

Now, you are ready to believe ? nobody knows how to do it absolutely right.

Nobody can know everything. Everything changes. Everything changes every day.

How can you win the world if you can see it as a whole? The world is too big.

You can't make a plan, test it, and repeat. The world can change while you are doing it.

Trying to find the way to success seems like blind hunt. You can't see the result of your actions immediately - you can see only long-term effects. You add a forum to you site ? and in a month your traffic has grown up. Why? Maybe they come from one topic in a news group of an unknown observer? You do the site optimization for Google ? but your page rank has fallen down. Why? Maybe your optimization was adapted to an old page rank algorithm, and now it should be done differently? Somebody creates a new outstanding XML-ADO-XDML-XYZ technology. Should we use it? Questions are everywhere!

In this situation, you can only rely on a few things:

  • Listen to the leader. If they win, they must know the secret. But leaders become obsolete too.
  • Use the human psychology. People are still people.
  • You never can exhaust all trying options. Keep trying! Everything is possible!
  • Good luck!

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