Retirement Signature Frames ? The Perfect Retirement Gift!

When most people think of a retirement gift, they think of a watch. It's the tried and true gift that companies give employees to say thanks for all the years of hard work. It's a great gift on behalf of the company but if you're the lucky individual enlisted with planning the retirement party, you're probably in need of a personalized gift on behalf of everyone at the office.

The perfect gift would probably be an affordable, personalized, lifetime keepsake from everyone attending the farewell party and yet something that would make a beautiful presentation to wish the retiree well on the next stage of their life. Is there such a gift with all these qualities and still be original?

Well, there is and it's called a signature frame and it is able to encompass all of these great qualities by displaying pictures of the retiree surrounded with signatures and/or messages from friends and fellow co-workers. The signed frame, complimented with pictures and an engraved plaque will make a memorable gift at a retirement party.

Many signature frames are sold as kits and include everything from the pen for signing the mat board to the mounting system to quickly and easily add special photographs.

To make a fun presentation at the party, fill the frame with older photos of the person during their time at work and also personal photos of them throughout their life such as their hobbies, old graduation pictures etc. That way, when friends and colleagues sign the frame they will have a chance to reminisce about their friend while having fun looking at how much they have changed over the years. Be sure to take some new photographs at the party so they can later be added to the frame as a way to remember this final farewell memory.

This simple, fun retirement gift will provide years of happy memories for the retiree by displaying a lifetime of work memories while at the same time providing a personal memento from fellow employees and friends.

Shar Calder is the owner of First Class Framing a picture framing company providing ready-made framing solutions to display important life celebrations. Special collage frames allow consumers to display their memories quickly and easily.

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