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How To Sell Websites Fast !

This article will explain in depth the steps needed to sell your website fast in today's marketplace.

How To Implement E-Business Solutions Successfully

Pitfalls of E-business solutions installation process

The Top 10 E-Commerce Ways to Follow up with Clients - Part 1

Did you know that 80% of all sales are made after the 5th contact?

The Top 10 E-Commerce Ways to Follow up with Clients - Part 2

Did you know that 80% of all sales are made after the 5th contact?

Two Pillars of a Successful Web Site

For a web site to get close to fulfilling its potential, you need absolute clarity on two points.

Your Site is all Direct Marketing

This may not be a popular view, but I think writing a web site is very similar to writing a piece of direct mail. I?m not talking about smash-and-grab fliers. I?m talking about those large mailings with brochures, a four or eight-page letter and a reply card.

Writing Web Pages: Get To The Meat Faster

Much of my consulting work comprises writing ?Outside Opinion? reports on the sites of large companies and organizations. Sometimes I review just a few pages, sometimes fifty or more.

Set Yourself Apart From The Ordinary

I have written at length about the need to anticipate your visitors? needs. I have talked about how the first screen of the homepage needs to connect immediately and directly with the task each visitor has on his or her mind. I have talked about finding the search words and phrases people use to find your site, so you can use these same words on your homepage. And so on and so on.

How Do You Make Money Online?

If you learn how other people make money online, I mean really study how it?s done and ask a lot of questions, there is no reason in the world you cannot make money on the internet as well.

How to Start a Business on the Internet

So you want to start a business? Good for you. Really, I mean that sincerely. I think about the millions of people that let the thought pass briefly through their minds on he way to work everyday.

Succeed With Your Own Home Based Business

An internet business is by far the best way to support yourself if you just cannot stand working for others for less money than you need to survive. It?s also the best way to get out of a good paying job that just takes up too much of your precious short life working for someone else. Let?s face it, you probably know someone who has an internet business. Do they look happy to you? Do they complain as much about work and money as you do? Probably not.

What Does It Take to Make Money Online?

What a loaded question! Let?s narrow that down a bit and take it from the perspective of someone who wants to work from home and make money online in a home business. That will make it an easier question to answer. Let?s assume you?ve never had a website, don?t know how to get a merchant account, don?t know html, and are pretty much stuck with being an expert on sending and receiving email.

Ten Reasons Why Online Surveys Are The Future of Marketing

Customers are tough cookies. They're extremely media aware and increasingly cynical ? it's a clever marketeer who can get under their skin. Online surveys reinvent the traditional format and offer a unique way of interaction ? all the benefits of the internet without the programming.

Excuse Me, Are You Wasting Traffic?

The largest cost and concern of an internet business is customer acquisition; traffic. Both quantity and quality of traffic directly determines the succes of an internet business. By the fundamental nature of traffic to an online business,one cannot afford to waste it.

A Beginners Guide To Setting Up A Successful Online Store

A beginner?s guide to setting up a successful online store

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